Welcome to Safari Towing

Safari Towing is the #1 trusted towing company in the McKinney, Texas area, providing 24-hour towing, roadside assistance, recovery services, and more. Whether you need local towing services or private property towing, our company uses innovative technology and state of the art equipment to ensure we meet your needs at any time of the day or night. Along with quality service, we offer fast response times, providing customers with the services they need in a timely manner.

Our company not only specializes in towing services for automobiles, but we have the specialized machinery and heavy equipment needed to accommodate larger vehicles, including travel trailers, recreational vehicles, construction equipment, and more.

At Safari Towing, we maintain a clean, well-equipped, modern fleet of roadway towing and recovery vehicles, and our staff and drivers are courteous and well-trained. We are 100% committed to the complete satisfaction of every customer. Not only do we offer quality equipment and professional staff members, but we also offer affordable prices to our customers.

Roadside Service

When your vehicle lets you down, Safari Towing offers roadside service to get you going as quickly as possible. We know you do not have the time to be stuck by the side of the road for hours, so we offer prompt, fast service when you have a problem. From tire changes to winch outs, we are there to offer prompt service whenever you need it.

Private Property Towing

At Safari Towing, we are aware of how important it is to maintain a safe, secure parking environment. We currently provide private property towing services for many top apartment buildings, businesses, shopping centers, and more. We’ll work with you to deal with parking violations quickly and professionally.

Medium Duty Towing

Safari Towing owns the equipment needed to deal with medium duty towing, providing specialized services to RVs, fleet trucks, school busses, and more.

Custom Towing

Safari Towing provides custom towing services for exotic car owners, and our professionals use safe techniques to ensure your exotic car is not damaged during towing. From antique cars to show cars, we will treat your vehicle with extreme care.

Police Impound

If your vehicle has been impounded, Safari will make sure it is protected, safe, and secure. You can contact our dispatcher to find out the process you need to follow to claim your vehicle. We realize that having your vehicle impounded is never a fun exercise, but the professionals at Safari Towing work hard to provide you with professional, courteous service, at every turn.